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After 15 years of wanting a Vmax, I finally got one in February of 2000. A new 1999 Yamaha Vmax. What a hoot! Very fun cruiser with a lot of attitude. After meeting other Vmaxers at special events, I found that there are still a lot of people who like the Vmax.

I put approximately 44,000 miles on this one and it was still running strong the day that I sold it. Before my brother was called home to Jesus in 2006, he told me that he regretted that I had sold this bike as it was the most fun street bike that he had ever ridden. He really enjoyed riding it. I had Mark's Performance Exhaust on it and it had a very pleasing exhaust note.

After paying off the Vmax loan, I purchased  a new Blue 2003 FZ1 Yamaha in December 2003. Then I low sided it in April of 2005 and had too many parts to replace on it quickly, so I bought a used 2003 black and yellow (Bumble Bee) FZ1.I eventually got the Blue one back together with some black parts and enjoyed many miles until the deer incident in July of 2006. Gradually, my riding style became more like my earlier Yamaha RD350/RD400 years.

Vmax Modifications

In 2006 I bought the newly redesigned 2nd generation Yamaha FZ1. Goodbye Vmax and Bumble Bee FZ, hello 2nd Gen FZ.
2006 FZ 1000
Added Rizoma Rear Sets 04/15/2010 Added Yoshimura Slipon 4/24/2010
The stock fuel cutoff during throttle rolloff/rollon was a little disconcerting. To correct the stock fuel cutoff experience, I installed the after market Ivan's Fuel Cutoff Elimantor kit. To see the steps I took on this click here.
Here is a list of FZ performance and body modifications made since 2006. To see the Lars Airbox, Roth Velocity Stacks, and CopperDawg Flies mod click here.
Roth Velocity Stacks
Lars Airbox Mod
CopperDawg Flies
Power Commander III
Yoshimura Slip On Frame Sliders
Smaller Turn Signals (Stoppies killed the rear set) 48 tooth Rear Sprocket Speedohealer
190/55 Rear Tire Michelin Pilot 2CT (Bigger foot print) Rizoma Rear Sets Fender Eliminator
R1 Front Forks with Graves Cap Extensions R1 Calipers R1 Front Wheel w/Rotors
R1 Front Fender Zero Gravity Smoke Windscreen Ivan's Fuel Cutoff Eliminator
Galfer Steel Braided Front Brake Line Shorty Clutch and Brake Levers Ivan's Block Off Plates


Cross one bucket list item off : Do a track day at a good track. Barber MotorSports in Alabama, courtesy of SportBikeTrackTime. It can be addictive. :-)

Here is a Jason Disalvo's Speed Academy tutorial video of the modified FZ1 from Barber Motorsports in April of 2013.

Sport-touring ride: 2011 Kawasaki Concours
Bought in Ocotober 2011. It had traction control and ABS. The dash display provided ambient temperture, fuel range and tire pressures. The fuel tank held about 6 gallons and shaft drive minimized maintenance. The seat could have been a little firmer for hours in the saddle comfort. It had an electronically adjustable windscreen. I wore out the first set of tires around 5000 miles. Mods included: Tip-over protection bars, Trunk, Hand wind deflectors and a Beaded Seat cover. I took a week long vacation on it in 2014 with new tires. Before I got home I had to have another rear tire put on in Mountain City, Tennessee. Great fun riding in the mountains of East Tennessee and Georgia.




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