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1975 RD350 & 1976 RD400 Yammies

A friend of mine by the name of Dan, now deceased, had a purple 1974 RD350 that inspired me to get into the RD ownership thing. This orange RD350 in the picture here had chrome expansion chambers. The pic on the left is of the same RD350 with a red 1976 RD400 that I also purchased used from Mike's younger brother Paul.

1979 Yamaha Daytona Special

This RD400 with a 19 tooth drive sproket would power wheelie in second gear with just a twist of the wrist. This was the only bike that I ever caught five gears on the rear wheel. The previous owner had wheelied into a fire hydrant and dented the tank, bent the handlebars, and tweeked the front fork. 

1997 Honda Shadow VLX

Had 300 miles on this 1997 Honda Shadow before it was a week old. I ran into a friendly neighbor on her way home. As you can see in the below photos, she rearranged the front end of my bike while rearranging my front end as well. :-()

Terry's ST1100 & My 97 Shadow

The left pic was taken in the Florida Keys.  The right pic was taken at Arkabutla Lake, Mississippi during a winter warm spell. It's my buddy's 97 ST1100 and my Shadow parked by the dam spillway. 

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