2006 FZ1
Mods Done March 2011
Stock Airbox, Previously Plugged AIS/PCV Stock Airbox, Stacks Removed, Stock Secondary Flies Happy Face! Lars Modified Air Inlet Opening
Lars Mod and Roth Stacks Lars, Roth and Smaller Diameter CopperDawg Flies K&N, Roth Stacks
Old Stiff, Slightly Kinked Fuel Line Blind Spot's Unkinkable Fuel Line K&N, Roth Stacks

Engine Swap January 2016

Stator/Rotor Failure at ~67,000 miles. Found engine with 7,400 miles for about $150 more than the cost of Stator/Rotor repair.
I also added a Power Commander with a nice map. I had the bike dynoed in October of 2007 with an Ivan's Fuel Cutoff Eliminator installed and it registered 129.61 hp. I had it dynoed again on March 12, 2011 after these mods and it registered 139.77 hp. I then decided to gear it a little lower to give better roll on in 3rd and 4th gear. Since my drive chain and gearing was worn, I opted to increase the rear sprocket tooth count by 3 with a 48 tooth sprocket. I then added a SpeedoHealer, so I could better speculate my mph.
In April of 2011 I finally got around to shimming my valves for the first time with 40,000 miles on the odometer. I had to shim all the exhaust valves and about 3 of the intake valves. Here is a blank form for anyone that might want to use if they wish to shim their own valves.
In 2012 at around 50,000 miles I replaced the steel and fiber clutch plates which revealed that the clutch boss and housing were notched. This caused the new clutch plates to stick. Using something to lock up the rear wheel, I used an impact wrench to break the clutch loose so that I could replace the complete clutch. It has been running great for about the last 17,000 miles.