2006 Yamaha FZ1

Odometer Reading: 60,000 ....70,000 miles and Counting as of 7-4-2017

Condition: Very Good

Price: ~$4,500


(Includes all available stock parts)

The stock fuel cutoff during throttle rolloff/rollon was a little disconcerting when purchased new. To correct the stock fuel cutoff experience, I installed the after market Ivan's Fuel Cutoff Elimantor kit in 2006. To see the steps I took on this click here. January of 2016, I had Ivan flash my ECU and I removed the FCE and rolloff/rollon is good.
Here is a list of FZ1 performance and body modifications made since 2006. Most of the performance mods were done in 2011. To see the Lars Airbox, Roth Velocity Stacks, and CopperDawg Flies mod as well as the Engine Swap click here.
Roth Velocity Stacks
Lars Airbox Mod
CopperDawg Flies
Power Commander III
Yoshimura Slip On Frame Sliders
Smaller Turn Signals 48 tooth Rear Sprocket Speedohealer
190/55 Rear Tire Michelin Pilot 2CT (Bigger foot print) Rizoma Adjustable Rear Sets Fender Eliminator
R1 Front Forks with Graves Cap Extensions R1 Calipers R1 Front Wheel w/Rotors
R1 Front Fender Zero Gravity Smoke Windscreen Ivan's Fuel Cutoff Eliminator
Galfer Steel Braided Front Brake Line Shorty Clutch and Brake Levers Ivan's Block Off Plates
Ballistic Dry Light Weight Battery Case Savers (Left and Right) Ivan's ECU Flash/PC Map & Removed FCE at 63,000 miles
Click Here for Dyno Results with mods and without mods (other than Ivan's FCE installed)

Maintenance log at specified mileage intervals

Maintenance @ 40,000 Miles
Replaced clutch basket, plates and cable at 40,000 miles Started Using Engine Ice for coolant at 40,000 miles Change oil at 3K, 3K, and 4K mile intervals from date of purchase
Fuel Injectors Cleaned at 40,000 miles Reshimmed valves at 40,000 miles  
Maintenance @ 58,800 Miles
Replaced radiator hoses at 58,800 miles Replaced coolant thermostat at 58,800 miles Replaced throttle cable at 58,800 miles
Latest Sprocket and Chain replacment at 58,800 miles Latest K&N Air Filter replacment at 58,800 miles Suspension tuned by SB suspension by Ken in October of 2012
Replaced frame at 58,800 miles due to defective weld. Yamaha gave me a new frame.    
Maintenance @ 63,000 Miles
Sub-Throttle Servo Motor at 63,000 miles Sub-Throttle Servo Sensor at 63,000 miles Air Intake Sensor at 63,000 miles
Starter Relay at 63,000 miles ECU Flashed by Ivan at 63,000 miles  
Maintenance @ 67,000 Miles
New Front Brake Master Cylinder at ~67,000 miles. Due to the cost of Rotor/Stator faiure, I opted to swap the Engine at ~67,000 miles. Cost to replace failed Rotor/Stator ~$700 versus the cost of complete engine replacement $850. At time of swap, the fresh Engine had ~7,400 miles on it. So the clutch, transmission, starter, oil pump, water pump, valve train, crankshaft & pistons only have 7,400 miles of wear. With the replacement of the frame at 58,000 miles, this means the frame and engine have about the same mileage. Subtract about 60,000 miles from the odometer reading and you roughly have the mileage on the motor, transmission, frame, hoses & cables.  
Replacement engine does not burn oil. The 2009 R1 front end had low mileage when installed, judging by internal and external appearance after tear down of the forks.
Original Stock FZ1 Parts Available
Exhaust Front Forks with Brake Calipers Front Fender and Wheel with Rotors
Rider Pegs with Brake and Shift Pedals and Passenger Foot Pegs Center Stand Clutch and Brake Levers
New OEM Cam Gears and Chain Set Intake Velocity Stacks Original engine unless I find another use for it.