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Ivan's Fuel Cutoff Eliminator Install

Click on the picture to enlarge for a better view.


Here are the parts that I removed to install Ivan's FCE.


I did not remove the tank, but I did tilt it up and suspend it from the ceiling of my garage.


Here is the ECU connector after I unplugged it and pulled it through the divider flap and began pulling it up from between the frame and engine.


Here the ECU connector is pulled back about as far as I can get it. Note the electrical tape band near the connector and another a few inches away.


Here the electrical tape was removed and insulator shield was opened up and peeled back.


Here I located the black wire with the yellow tracer.


Here is the kit in package about to be installed.


After following Ivan's directions and resealing the reusable wire sheath insulation.


Ran both of the harnesses down between the frame and engine and replugged the ECU connector.


Ivan left out a package of male wire insulators, so I bought some red male/female connectors from Radio Shack.


I zip tied in four areas to help minimize movement of the FCE.


Here is a different angle of the zip ties.


Here are the parts that had to be put back on after the install.


I had recently replaced my air filter, so I was familiar with what had to be removed in that operation and the airbox bottom was the only other item that I had to remove to install the FCE.

After about 1000 miles I had to resecure the electrical connections. This mod has vastly improved the fuel injection response. I have noticed no stutter or stall on cold start up/take offs as I have in the past. I have also noticed that I can roll off of the throttle and then roll back on easy and it has a much smoother and quicker response to re-newed throttle at all RPMs. I installed Ivan's block off plates and that resolved the popping on rolloff of throttle from 10,000 -12,000 rpm.