I had put most of these words together in a response to my uncle and I thought that they pretty well cover my basic belief structure. If you care to read about it, here it is:

I am ignorant of your knowledge of the Bible so forgive me if I redundantly cover familiar ground. The relationship that I have with God causes me to want to share the good news of the gospel. The stated views below are based on sound Biblical information.

God has allowed mankind to make a choice of either accepting who He is and the sacrifice He made (realizing Jesus is God and humbly accepting Him as Lord and the sacrifice He made) or rejecting this gift. And only God can tell if a person has truly accepted Him or not.

My God therefore damns no one. He shows fairness by not forcing people, who do not accept Him as Lord, to spend eternity with Him. My God is for all people, in that He came to earth in fleshly form and died for all sinners. At the time of His earthly birth, the angels spoke to the lowly shepherds to announce His coming. In that era the shepherds (much like women) were stereotyped and were considered so low that their testimony was not even considered acceptable in the courts of the time, yet I believe they were the first (or one of the first) to know about the arrival of the Messiah.

God is one God in three persons. The Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Jesus had to leave the earth in his resurrected body before the Helper/Comforter (Holy Spirit) could come...John16:7 and John 14:16-20.

According to the Bible, God is all powerful. He is the creator of the universe and all it entails is His creation. God is not a finite being. God was born as Jesus, but God is in three persons and has always existed as an infinite being. God is the Alpha and the Omega.

Religion is basically repetitive tradition. To me Jesus is not religion, He is God and He shares Himself with me.

The more I learn about the Bible, the more fascinating it becomes and the more I begin to understand God's nature. It is actually a living document. 66 books written by over 40 different authors during hundreds of years. It is the most accurately documented piece of history ever put together. More supportive documentation within itself as well as without itself than any other document in the history of the world. It's statistically phenomanal how the prophesies from the Old Testament support the New Testament which was written about 1000 years or so later. As I understand it there are over 300 prophecies of Jesus in the Old Testament. Here is a link to a chart with 114 prophecies of Jesus from the Old Testament. Also the turn of the archeological spade continues to reveal the truth found in the Bible.

I am proud to have had the opportunity to share the gospel with you. I have tried to show you what I believe and why I believe. These words come from my heart which has been softened by Jesus.